If I buy an Origin activated game on Amazon's PC Download (i.e. not key from „PC Instant Access”), what would I actually get?

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According to generic Amazon's page describing „Games Library”, I would need their downloader software. On the game page for „PC Download” option they specify 3 KB (sic!) of download. Is that really the case, or would I actually just directly get Origin code?

  • I suspect it will depend on what game it is. The vast majority are probably just game keys. There's nothing else that fits into 3KB.
    – Frank
    Jul 9, 2014 at 16:34
  • @Frank: true, but then why is it 3KB, that's lot more then just a key. Unless they count whole fancy HTML or whatever ;-)
    – vartec
    Jul 9, 2014 at 16:36
  • Yeah, it's probably not straight up game key text. You have to add in the, "Here's where to use it" stuff and all. And the HTML fancy formatting.
    – Frank
    Jul 9, 2014 at 16:36

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Just under the name of the game, to the right of the ESRB rating (at least in the US, I don't know about overseas if they show a different rating...) will be a "DRM:" notification. This notification changes as you select different versions.

If this line reads "DRM: Origin" like on The Sims 3 you'll get a key to redeem on Origin.

It can also read "DRM: Steam" for EA games that are on Steam, like Tomb Raider. In this case, you'll get a Steam key.

If this "DRM:" is missing, generally that means you'll have to download it directly from Amazon using their downloader.

In the case of Ubisoft games where the "DRM:" line is missing, like the Far Cry 3 version without Steam DRM they'll generally give you a product key that you can put directly into uPlay and use their downloader if you so desire.


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