I've got a couple of little bonuses of gold at some random occasions when I got things like 100 victories or so.

Thing is, it's written nowhere what are those acheivements are and at how much % they are completed.

Is there any way to know what are those "acheivements" are and track the completion of them?


There is no place in game where the achievements are listed. However here is a list:


  • Requirement: Acquire every Pirate.
  • Bloodsail Corsair, Bloodsail Raider, Captain Greenskin, Dread Corsair, Southsea Captain, Southsea Deckhand
  • Reward: Captain's Parrot

Beta Hero!

  • Requirement: Thank you for helping to test our store!
  • Make a store purchase during the beta.
  • Reward: Gelbin Mekkatorque (golden)

Big Winner

  • Requirement: Win 1,000 games in any mode.
  • Reward: 300 gold

Chicken Dinner

  • Requirement: Win 100 games in any mode.
  • Reward: 300 gold

Crafting Time

  • Requirement: Disenchant a card.
  • Reward: 95 Arcane Dust

Crushed Them All!

  • Requirement: Defeat every Expert AI Hero.
  • Reward: 100 gold

Enter The Arena

  • Requirement: Enter The Arena.
  • Reward: 1 free arena play

First Blood

  • Requirement: Complete a game in Play mode.
  • Reward: 1 Card Pack

Golden Arrrrrr!!!

  • Requirement: Acquire every Golden Pirate.
  • Reward: Captain's Parrot (golden)

Golden Mrglglglgl!

  • Requirement: Acquire every Golden Murloc.
  • Bluegill Warrior, Coldlight Oracle, Coldlight Seer, Grimscale Oracle, Murloc Raider, Murloc Tidecaller, Murloc Tidehunter, Murloc Warleader
  • Reward: Old Murk-Eye (golden)

Got the Basics!

  • Requirement: Collect every card in the Basic Set.
  • Reward: 100 gold

Level Up

  • Requirement: Get any class to level 10.
  • Reward: 1 Card Pack


  • Requirement: Acquire every Murloc.
  • Reward: Old Murk-Eye

One of Everything!

  • Requirement: Collect every card in the Expert Set.
  • Reward: 100 gold

Ready to Go!

  • Requirement: Unlock every Hero.
  • Reward: 100 gold

Ready to Rock!

  • Requirement: Thank you for attending BlizzCon 2013!
  • Reward: Elite Tauren Chieftain (golden)


  • Requirement: Awarded for playing a game on the iPad.
  • Reward: 100 gold


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