I have been looking around for things I can do with my Honor Points.

I have already bought all the Honor Gear (Season 15), but my extra Honor Points are now starting to build up again.

Things I have found and done:

  1. Buy the War Mounts (2k Honor each) or Wintergrasp Mount (Black War Mammoth).
  2. Buy Legacy PvP Gear as Transmogrification Sets.
  3. Buy Cataclysm materials for whatever use (Such as Embersilk Cloth for bags).
  4. Convert to Justice Points.
  5. Buy PvP Heirlooms for Alt Characters.

I have looked around quite a bit and I am looking for more uses, if any are available.

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Wowhead has a list of all things obtainable with Honor Points:

There are 4343 items total, from which 3178 items are still obtainable:

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