Up until this point I've had TF2 and Counter Strike:Source mounted on every server regardless of the gamemode. I want to cut down on HDD usage.

Which games do I actually need to mount for different gamemodes? Some people have half life episodic mounted too which I don't think is important for my gamemodes.

My gamemodes are:

  • TTT
  • Prop Hunt
  • Murder
  • Deathrun

They all have very little custom content.


CS:S has everything you need, but TF2 is in the instructions because it has nice maps and I think some of them use the same textures. I would mount TF2 too.


CS:S is pretty much all you need. There are a couple of maps you might run into that require EP2 content, but almost everything is either CS:S or custom textures.

  • So any idea why the instructions have TF2 in them? Is it just an example? – Gricey Jul 15 '14 at 3:44

All you need to mount is Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source, and Half Life Episodes 2.

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