I'm trying to connect to my Minecraft server for the first time but I am unable to which frustrates me greatly.
I have added the Minecraft_Server.exe to the Firewall as public and I checked my computer's IP address in command prompt with the ipconfig command. When I enter the IP and the Port in 'Direct Connect' it does not let me connect.
When I check the server log, it says: [INFO] Disconnected / Protocol Error.
What could be causing this issue and how can I resolve it?

  • Do you have whitelist enabled in your server.properties? Jul 14, 2014 at 16:33
  • Minecraft_Server.exe runs javaw, IIRC, so adding it to the Firewall does nothing. If @jski's answer doesn't help, could you post your complete server log? There might be more hints to the problem that you have overlooked.
    – MrLemon
    Jul 15, 2014 at 9:27

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Are you hosting the server on the same machine as you're trying to play? You wouldn't want to connect to the IP; that won't work.

Assuming this is the case, try connecting to "", if 25565 is your port. This should work fine. You should also, if your firewall is set correctly, be allowed to connect to your computer's LAN IP ( from another machine on your network. Good luck!

  • 5
    can also connect to localhost instead of dealing with numbers and dots
    – Batophobia
    Jul 14, 2014 at 18:49

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