I want to build something under the floor of either the nether or the overworld.

I know that you can survive in the top n number of layers but don't know the exact Number.

How much space will I have to work with. I need about 6 blocks of depth.

Also if it is less than 5 how can I extend this?

The wiki doesn't have an exact figure for these dimensions.


The void starts under layer 0 which is typically the bedrock layer (in superflat worlds and with mods or map editors you can remove the bedrock layer).

You cannot build under layer 0 because each chunk only goes from layer 0 to 255. You might be able to survive there as a player, but you won't be able to place any type of blocks.

If you want to have the effect of building in the void you can use a map editor like MCEdit to move some of the bedrock up somewhere (don't forget to remove a block of bedrock or two so you can get in there!).

  • I have placed blocks maybe i had settings or a mod installed and i didn't realise it had that effect – Flaunting Jul 17 '14 at 9:40
  • It could be I suppose, I recall a older mod that might have done that. I've edited in a way to achieve the effect of building in the void. – Elva Jul 17 '14 at 9:44

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