So, the Quests page on the Codex screen has 4 boxes. The first two are Vor's Prize, which is the tutorial quest, and Howl of the Kubrow, which is the second quest.

Now I know there's a third quest, and that's for Mirage, the newest warframe, but since there are 4 boxes, does this mean there's a 4th secret mission?

What quests are available to me, and how do I start them?

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There are 17 Warframe quests so far.

The list of quests:

  • Vor's Prize
  • Once Awake
  • Stolen Dreams
  • Howl of the Kubrow
  • The Archwing
  • The Limbo Theorem
  • Hidden Messages
  • Natah
  • A Man of Few Words
  • Patient Zero
  • The New Strange
  • The Second Dream
  • Sands of Inaros
  • The Jordas Precept
  • The War Within
  • The Glast Gambit
  • The Silver Grove
  1. Vor's Prize (tutorial quest)
  2. Howl of the Kubrow (Get your own fur ball quest)
  3. Hidden Messages (Mirage Quest)
  4. Unavailable Broken/Bugged quest (source devstream 33 below)

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