At great expense and effort, I've successfully built the Digital Miner from Mekanism. It's an excellent mining tool, but I'm having trouble with the config, specifically telling the miner which ores I want mined. I thought the best way to do this would be to put it in inverse mode and then "whitelist" the ores that I didn't want. For example, I'm not doing thaumcraft, so I don't want the miner to mine entropy infused stone. Equally I don't want cinnibar ore. However, I can't find the right "code-names" to type in the OreDict filter. By code-names I mean the block names as they appear in the code (e.g. oreRedstone for redstone ore). So far I have stone, cobblestone and sandstone, but typing in "sand" gives me a blank ore filter. Also, entropy infused stone is too many characters to fit in the filter. How can I tell the miner what I want mined?


Mekanism has a "Dictionary" item that shows the ore dictionary name for any item you right-click. I would definitely recommend building it.

Wildcards also work in the filters, so I usually forgo specific filtering and just mine ore* and get literally every ore registered in the ore dictionary.

For names that are too long, you can type it most of the way and put a * at the very end.

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  • cheers :) I knew about the ore* thing, but I didn't want ores from like thaumcraft or ars magica – imulsion Jul 20 '14 at 17:40

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