In the Friends menu next to your status you can broadcast a message to your friends (send a pop-up in their game with your message). This message then sticks next to your status in order to indicate what you are up to in the game at the moment :

Cropped screenshot of status/message block

My issue is that when I want to erase this message, it seems I can only do it by first sending an empty one (that will send an empty pop-up to all my friends in game) which is kind of annoying :

Cropped screenshot of message broadcast form

  • Clicking "OK" with an empty text send an empty pop-up (see image below)
  • Clicking "CANCEL" cancels the edit and leave my previous custom status

Cropped screenshot showing "Broadcast sent"

How do I clear my custom status without sending an empty pop-up to my entire friendlist ?

  • Does it actually send an empty broadcast or does it just say it did to make the client logic easier? I don't think I've ever gotten a notification with an empty message. – Troyen Jul 22 '14 at 20:30
  • @Troyen I've recieved empty broadcastfrom my friends so I assume it does =) – WizLiz Jul 23 '14 at 6:19

The simple answer is to type a message - There is no way to clear your status without it sending a message to your friends - it will always have a message attached.

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