I picked up an Alkaline Turtle Shield that says in green text Grants immunity to corrode damage, so I took it for a spin in Caustic Caverns. I tried running through the caustic lake to get the badass challenge I Bet I Can Make It, thinking it would be a breeze with this shield equipped, but it didn't protect me. So next I fought some mutated varkids which I think spew corrosive material at you, and it also didn't protect me from them. What's up? Is the shield specifically for protection from corrosive weapons and barrels only?

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The shields that grant immunity to any element, doesn't grant you immunity against base damage, it grants immunity against the elemental add-on damage bonuses, in addition to the damage-over-time debuff. With an immunity-shield, you will still take base damage, and you will still have a hard time against strong/higher-leveled enemies.

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