In Geometry Dash you can Unlock new icons with achievements. Some of those are "Collect 80 Secret Coins" or "Collect 1000 Stars". Now when I look at the Levels I only see 15. Each of them has only 3 Coins and gives between 1 and 14 Stars.

So how exactly can I get the achievements with 1000 Stars and 80 Coins if there are only 114 Stars and 45 Coins available?


You can get more stars by completing user-generated levels. Tap on the right button in the menu and go to "Featured" to get started.

You can earn more secret coins by completing mappacks :)


You need to complete user created levels to earn more stars and complete map pack to earn stars AND secret coins.


Coins are in normal levels, usually hidden, but you can get stars in any level, depending on the difficulty.

  • Could you add some more information if possible? Maybe some suggestions as to where to find them? – Ben Dec 5 '14 at 2:22

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