I wanted to go for a hybrid Alchemy/Swordsmanship build this time around. The Witcher Wiki says:

If talents are invested in more than one of these skills, the associated Adrenaline fueled abilities will be activated simultaneously.

Now The Witcher 2 has three different Adrenaline skills followed by three different adrenaline generation methods:

  1. Heliotrope Sign, provided by Sense Magic - generates adrenaline when hit enemy with a Sign
  2. Group Finishers, provided by Combat Acumen - generates adrenaline for each successful sword blow
  3. Berserk Mode, provided by Mutant - generates adrenaline gradually, when poisoned by drinking potions and in combat

My question is: as the skills are triggered by the same keystroke (X by default), I understand that I activate both of them when I press it. However, do adrenaline generation contributes to the same Adrenaline Bar or do those skills have separate bars, each fueled exclusively by its own generation method?


No, they don't.

Just one single bar. So all skills provide adrenaline to the same bar. Witcher 2 Wikia Adrenaline Bar

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