I've fought and defeated the Water and Earth guardian, and crafted a fair bit of stuff, but the entry for the Air guardian hasn't opened up.

I tried setting my B:"Staged Compendium" config to false, but it doesn't affect a half completed compendium.

Does anyone have a clue as to what I need to do to unlock that entry?

A list of all the unlock requirements would be great if available.


I went ahead and decompiled it.


The following entries are unlocked when achieving the corresponding level:

  • 5:"dungeonsAndExploring","enchantments"
  • 10:"armorMage"
  • 15:"BossWaterGuardian","rituals","inlays","inlays_structure"
  • 20:"armorBattlemage"
  • 25:"BossEarthGuardian"
  • 35:"BossAirGuardian"
  • 45:"BossArcaneGuardian"
  • 55:"BossNatureGuardian"
  • 65:"BossWinterGuardian"
  • 75:"BossFireGuardian"

There are also a few other unlocks:

  • When you use chalk for the first time
  • When you cast your first spell
  • When you Learn Summon, True Sight, or Binding in the Oculus

Hope that helps someone else.

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  • For whatever reason, I didn't actually get it till level 36. Not sure if it was a subtle bug, or if the decompiler did things wrong. Oh well – Andres Jul 26 '14 at 15:41

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