On the puzzle "The Missing Pieces" it won't let me drag blocks all the way through the disintegration field over to the receptors.

I can drag the blocks about half way but then it refuses to let me drag them any further.

I can sometimes drag them BACK towards where I came from, but I can never drag them the full way.

Why does this happen?


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I've tried it and somehow experienced the same bug. However I've manage to overcome it by going back and re-entering the particles-field. I've recorded a short demo if you want to watch it here on Youtube.

Beware there is a small spoiler in the video :

I have a red gun

  • I since worked out that you don't need to drag the cubes through to solve the puzzle, and now I have the same gun as you. When I did it I dragged the cubes along the floor, not up the top like you did. I did try to re-enter the field a few times and it didn't help. I'll accept your answer though because it seems to indicate that this is a bug with the game and not intended behaviour. Jul 27, 2014 at 18:18

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