After getting the basics of my base up and running with logistics pipes, I want to tidy up and cover up what I can. Am I able to cover up logistics pipes at all? I tried using the covers I can make using a saw, but I can't place it around the pipe, I can only place it on the next block.

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Jeah, Logistic Pipes (and other BuildCraft pipes) don't work with Forge Multiblocks.

You need BuildCraft Facades. You can craft them in an assembly table by tossing 3 Structure Pipes and 1 block of the desired type which will give you 6 facades.

Structure pipes are made by crafting a gravel block and a cobblestone pipe together.

  • Ahh, I completely forgot about the facades (I'm still new to FTB). I'll do that later on when I get in, cheers :).
    – TMH
    Jul 30, 2014 at 8:48

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