How do you make the Mii apartments expand in Tomodachi life?

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According to Tomodachi Life Wiki

Mii Apartments has 3 upgrades not including the original building. Each upgrade changes the number of available apartments and the appearance of the building.

The first upgrade will have a brownish, brick-like appearance. It will expand to have 48 apartments.

The second upgrade will have a grayish, stony-like material. It looks very similar to how it looks in the beginning. It will expand to have 72 apartments.

The final upgrade will have a elegant golden color. It will have a gate with two trees in front of the office. It will expand to hold 100 Miis. The top four apartments will be in the center of the top floor.


You have to add enough Miis for it to expand. I'm not sure how many times it can expand, though. EDIT: See the above answer.

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