I am playing cs1 CS 1.6 reloaded and I am getting redirected to another server even if I haven't pressed anything during a gameplay (not at start of the game). Its like, even when I am playing offline with bots sometimes, I get redirected onto any random server.

I removed all the servers from my favourites and even reinstalled CS Reloaded but the problem continues and I can't play at a single game.

Something tells me that you I had to bind some keys, but I don't know how to bind also so how and why this is happening!!!

  • this happened to me once idk but maybe bcoz of few pluggins that have been downloaded from a server which creates this typos problem.a fresh install will always solve your problem :) – black Sep 2 '14 at 11:34

To fix this, go into your controls and click the Use defaults button as shown below. enter image description here

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