I've downloaded the .jar of multiple mods.

Using Forge, I did the following:

'Get info' > I change the end of the file to .zip from .jar > open zip > place folder in Application support/minecraft/mods (Using a mac)

All mods I'm attempting to run show up in the mods list in the main menu, but when I play, none of the mods are actually active.


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Forge accepts mods in both .zip and .jar formats. You do not need to extract them anywhere. Simply plop them into your mods folder and restart Minecraft.

For more information about Forge and the installation of mods, check out this related question.

An example of a <code>mods</code> folder showing <code>.jar</code> files and various subfolders.


Some mods are client-only some mods are intended for servers and some require a server version and a client version to be installed to work properly in single player.

I would suggest you use a special launcher with pre-defined mod packs. They exist because producing a list of mods that work together with stability is a complicated task. Verifying that the correct mods exist and don't crash can take a long time and often a relationship with the developers of the mods.

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