A friend told me about the "Customize Grid" feature in the hero picker of Dota 2, and about a great website (Dota2Layout.com) to edit those grids. However, that website became incompatible with latest updates to Dota, so for the time being I hacked together my own DotaGrid editor.

This works just fine, but I can't seem to get rid of the primary attribute names. Here's a screenshot of a custom layout I've created:

custom Dota hero grid with marked offending texts

Question: Is there any way to remove the red-encircled texts ("Strength", "Agility", "Intelligence")?

What I've tried / considered:

  • Resetting and exporting the layout, scouring through the file to see if there's anything to tweak;
  • Applying some Google-fu;
  • I've checked if dota2layout.com does anything special (by checking exported files);
  • Searched the steamapps/dota2 folder for *.jpg or *.png (a long shot, I know).

All to no avail.

Is it currently (6.81b) possible at all to remove those attribute names?

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    Upvote, because somehow I never knew you could mess with the hero layout :O – jaredready Aug 6 '14 at 20:43

I found something for you! You can change the texts in the dota_"YourLanguage".txt file in the resource folder. In case English is the language you use for Dota follow these Steps:

  1. Go into the Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\resource Folder
  2. Open dota_english.txt
  3. Press Ctrl + f and search for "DOTA_Hero_Selection"

    Now is the time to remember getting a backup copy of the file.

  4. You can change all kinds of stuff here but to simply remove the texts scroll down to:

    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Team_Good" "THE RADIANT"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Team_Bad"  "THE DIRE"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_STR"       "STRENGTH"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_AGI"       "AGILITY"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_INT"       "INTELLIGENCE"

    and change it to:

    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Team_Good" "THE RADIANT"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Team_Bad"  "THE DIRE"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_STR"       ""
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_AGI"       ""
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_INT"       ""

Awesome work until now! I hope that you can improve your website with this post.

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  • Thanks a bunch, this works as expected. Afraid my little app can't do much with this though, other than provide it as a "quick tip". – Jeroen Aug 7 '14 at 19:45
  • As could be expected though, this file is overwritten usually when Dota updates. Probably not much we can do about that though. – Jeroen Aug 11 '14 at 22:13

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