I've been trying for more than a few hours to fight Anacondaur and Grendels to get some Dragon Skins to upgrade weapons. I've fought probably 30-40 total battles, with about half as Anacondaur. It's bad enough that I've accidentally leveled to a party average of ~36, and I've still never gotten a Dragon Skin drop.

According to the guides, Anacondaur should drop Dragon Skins nearly every battle, especially with my current level.

What gives? I just want to upgrade some items.

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Dragon Skins can only be gotten as an end-of-battle item drop. Not only can you not mug it, but if you do attempt to mug, you'll always get nothing at the end of the battle.

I knew that the item couldn't be mugged, but I didn't know that the item would never be dropped if mug was used. Turn off mug.

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