In Rage by Bethesda, there are several items marked "sellable" that have no use other than sale.

How do I sell them? All that appears when I go to a merchant and try to sell stuff is the supplies. I'm certain I have these items, as they are in my inventory, but they are not shown when I try to sell them to a merchant.

I was successful in doing so very early in the game, but not anymore. Pressing R1 takes me straight to ammo to sell.

Am I missing something?

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Somebody asked the same question here.

When interacting with a vendor press the on-screen prompt to switch from purchasing items to selling your gear (Default Square PS3/X X360) and then use the bumpers on your controller to switch categories of gear you can sell (Default LB/RB). This allows you to sell supplies, gear, or ammunition.

Refer to Rage's wikia page on vendors for a list of people you can sell gear to and what gear is safe to sell.

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