I was watching YouTube when I found a giant zombie that I liked. I wanted it to have full diamond armour with Protection IV, riding a bat + have a mob spawner for it

  • Unless things have changed since I last used command blocks, you cannot give a giant armor (well you can, but it won't appear which I presume is the point) – DBS Aug 11 '14 at 23:31
  • 1
    Ok can you make it ride a bat? – Mincraftduuuuude Aug 11 '14 at 23:46
  • @DBS Note that armour will appear on giants when the 1.8 update is released. – Caleb Aug 12 '14 at 0:42

The pure summoning should be (1.7):

/summon Giant ~ ~1 ~ {Equipment:[{},{id:313},{id:312},{id:311},{id:310}],PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}],Riding:{id:"Bat",PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}]}}

or 1.8:

/summon Giant ~ ~1 ~ {Equipment:[{},{id:diamond_boots},{id:diamond_leggings},{id:diamond_chestplate},{id:diamond_helmet}],PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}],Riding:{id:"Bat",PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}]}}

The code for the spawner (1.7):

/setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Giant,SpawnData:{Equipment:[{},{id:313},{id:312},{id:311},{id:310}],PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}],Riding:{id:"Bat",PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}]}}}

or 1.8:

/setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Giant,SpawnData:{Equipment:[{},{id:diamond_boots},{id:diamond_leggings},{id:diamond_chestplate},{id:diamond_helmet}],PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}],Riding:{id:"Bat",PersistenceRequired:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:4,Duration:2147483647}]}}}

I think it is obvious that you need a commandblock. Please try the summon-cmds to test if this is what you want.

  • Welcome to the site! Great first answer. I'm not 100% sure, but I think OP wanted the armor pieces to have a Protection IV enchantment, rather than the giant and the bat having is as an effect, which seems to be what these commands do. – MrLemon Aug 12 '14 at 11:51

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