In the first IB, the God King stabs siris with the Infinity Blade. Since, he was believed to be a mortal in IB1, its understandable that he died and his bloodline trying to get revenge. But, after IB2, it is revealed that he is, in fact, another Deathless.

It is clearly stated at the end of IB1, that the Infinity Blade has the "ability to prevent immortals like the God King from resurrecting after death"

My question is this: If Siris aKa Ausar was indeed a Deathless, shouldn't the Infinity Blade have killed him permanently in IB1 itself? Or am I missing something?

  • Not really relevant, but still hilarious: youtube.com/watch?v=dtgsXt692-o
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  • This question appears to be off-topic because it is about developer and writers intent, which cannot be covered.
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  • @NoneOfYourBusiness I don't get how its off-topic. Its a valid question. I can add sources referencing the question and story if you want. I would even accept plausible theories, because this question is just bugging me.
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    The part where a question is bugging you doesn't mean it's on or off-topic. @NoneOfYourBusiness I read it as a lore question, and these are on topic. I'm not sure though. It sure looks like it poking at a plothole. I don't know the games, so I'm not doing anything.
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  • @Arperum being a lore question isn't a free pass against our other standards. Lore questions that are fundamentally speculative/Dev intent based are just as off topic as "why did my favorite item get nerfed." Aug 14, 2014 at 7:47

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Found the answer on Infinity Blade Forums. Here it is!

The answer lies in the books and on ChAIR's YouTube channel!

The reason he didn't die was because something went wrong when the Worker created the IB, and it had to be "charged" first. It had to be attuned to someone's QIP(Quantum Identity Pattern) by killing them over and over and over again before it would be able to actually permanently kill a Deathless. This is where the IB1 loop comes from; Radriar is actually attuning the blade to Ausar's QIP over many generations by killing him over and over.

Whenever Siris is actually able to defeat God-King Radriar, this is actually the last kill needed to fully charge the Blade. When he takes it down to the dungeons, he permanently kills the Deathless Kings down there with the IB; it's fully charged, then he leaves and the story of IB: Awakening and then IB2 takes place.

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