So, yes. I'm using blinkers when turning right or left in the road, just like what I should do IRL.

I just want to ask if there're any events that may occur if I don't use them, like problems in driving, penalties in delivery, etc.

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From what i have found they do have an influence although not a very strong one on traffic as follows, btw this was done through my own testing which i can produce video for if needed.

  • indicators don't influence in any way the cars which are directly behind you
  • They sometimes influence cars in the lane next to you, this is most prominant if your lane is ending.
  • The most obvious influence i have seen is with oncoming traffic which i have found will only let you turn if you have your indicator on.

I know it is a shame that indicators don't work how they should but if you do a search you can find several "realistic" indicator mods to improve this.

Hope this helped

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