I feel like an idiot.

When I hover over something, I like to see the tooltip for that thing immediately. In Dragon Age II, I have to wait like half a second.

Is there a way to remove the delay and make that instant? I searched through the options twice and couldn't find anything. But I could also be blind.

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    This seems like a local problem to me. Though there is no possibility to do this at the moment, it might change with a patch in the future. I know this happened in Neverwinter Nights 2 (Obisidian, though, not Bioware) at some point.
    – DrFish
    Commented Mar 11, 2011 at 7:47
  • Have you tried trawling through the game files to see if there is a cunning settings.ini or similar you could edit perhaps? I didn't check my folder yet, been busy playing :D
    – Neon1024
    Commented Mar 11, 2011 at 9:10

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I, too, had issues with this. It wasn't terrible, though. It may be possible in the settings.ini file, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I would keep checking the mod forum for Dragon Age II on the Bioware Community site, and Dragon Age Nexus for a mod like this. I did however find a mod for DA2 which makes it so you don't have to always hold down the TAB button to see items on the ground (here). It should make your life reasonably better until then.

I just finished a 30+ hour trek of the game. It was amazing, but short. Just gotta wait for that expansion now!

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