I'm interested in forming a raid with a handful of friends (more than 5) to do various fun things. I can't seem to find what commands, etc. are required to form a raid group (6 or more players). How does one accomplish this?

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to form a platoon you have 2 options.

  1. Invite a 6th member to your squad, the game will ask you to upgrade it to a platoon.

  2. Click on your name (if you are the squad lead) and on the context menu will be the option to change the squad into a platoon.

A couple things to note. Platoons work differently than squads. XP Rewards are not shared, thumpers are not shared, and jobs are not shared. You also can't enter instance missions with platoons.

Platoons (currently) are meant for raids and Broken Peninsula(PvP) only.

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