I have mistakenly clicked the download Dota 2 workshop tools button inside the game. Now it is downloading 5GB of content. I don't want to download this. So I canceled the download from Steam. But after a Steam restart, the download is starting from the beginning and each time I have to stop it manually. Is there a way to stop this completely? Thanks in advance.


I have tried clearing the download folder and clearing the app cache folder. Both do not work.

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select your game in steam, go to parameters, DLC tab, and uncheck the workshop tools to download.

Problem solved.

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    Maybe it's a bug in steam, but I still get Workshop downloading in BG when I launch Dota, even though it is unchecked in the DLC tab.
    – Klesun
    Oct 13, 2018 at 11:03

follow the steps:

  1. go to "Library" on steam

  2. right click on DOTA2 and go to "Properties"

  3. there are 5 tabs. The last one is "DLC". Click on it

  4. In a box there is an option "DOTA 2 workshop tools DLC". Remove the tick mark.


What you have to do is right clicking Dota 2 in the library menu followed by a click on "view downloadable content" and then "un-tick" the check box after Dota 2 workshop tools DLC.

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NO! there wrong!

What you do is you right-click on dota 2 go to view downloadable content it will pop-up witha box un-tick dota 2 DLC packs click close


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