I have mistakenly clicked the download Dota 2 workshop tools button inside the game. Now it is downloading 5GB of content. I don't want to download this. So I canceled the download from Steam. But after a Steam restart, the download is starting from the beginning and each time I have to stop it manually. Is there a way to stop this completely? Thanks in advance.


I have tried clearing the download folder and clearing the app cache folder. Both do not work.


select your game in steam, go to parameters, DLC tab, and uncheck the workshop tools to download.

Problem solved.

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    Maybe it's a bug in steam, but I still get Workshop downloading in BG when I launch Dota, even though it is unchecked in the DLC tab.
    – Klesun
    Oct 13 '18 at 11:03

follow the steps:

  1. go to "Library" on steam

  2. right click on DOTA2 and go to "Properties"

  3. there are 5 tabs. The last one is "DLC". Click on it

  4. In a box there is an option "DOTA 2 workshop tools DLC". Remove the tick mark.


What you have to do is right clicking Dota 2 in the library menu followed by a click on "view downloadable content" and then "un-tick" the check box after Dota 2 workshop tools DLC.

enter image description here


NO! there wrong!

What you do is you right-click on dota 2 go to view downloadable content it will pop-up witha box un-tick dota 2 DLC packs click close


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