I was trying to post something in Miiverse last night, this was what I had originally wanted to post

A city on a crab who sunders the earth,
A jet raven who soars the skies,
A demon train bound in flames,
A clockwork spider of many analog eyes,
And a Shinto god in a forest of powerlines.

Out of all 6 Summons, Ziusudra is the only one untouched by the progress of humanity.

However, it kept refusing to post, saying I had used inappropriate words or phrases. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to post it however the only change I made was to change the word god to kami.

Looking over the Miiverse Code of Conduct, I can't see in there about inappropriate words or phrases and just the word God seems weird to me.

I am wondering if there is a place which details what is inappropriate in Miiverse so I don't have to spend almost an hour trying to work out the one innocent word which is preventing me from posting.

  • I came across the "god" thing too the other day. I do wonder why it's "inappropriate". – George T Aug 21 '14 at 11:53

It seems that your post was flagged as being religious which is listed along with politics as a form of content not permitted in the Miiverse Code of Conduct (Also found here).

While there does not appear to be an official list of specific banned words provided by Nintendo there is confirmation specifically regarding the word "God" as well as a few other words. There are several unofficial sources providing other words that are not accepted, but no cohesive collection appears to exist anywhere publicly.

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