If there are multiple WDs in party and they all use the Big Bad Voodoo skill:

1) If they have the same rune, does the bonus stack?

2) If they have different runes, do I get bonus from all runes while standing in the area of effect?

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I played with another WD recently and we both had Big Bad Voodoo with Slam Dance rune. So to answer your first question:

No, the bonus doesn't stack. With 1 or 2 Big Bad Voodoos, you will only get 1 bonus.

I will check with different runes later, but I'm pretty sure you will get both bonuses


The base stats of BBV won't stack but the runes do stack, so if you're with more WD's in a party watch out using different runes on it. Its like the mantras from the monk. Mantra of evasion gives you 17% dodge, if there's another monk with the same mantra your effective dodge still is just increased by 17% and not by 34%.

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