So I've been playing with the 1.8 snapshots and now pre-release for a few months now, and the /fill and /clone commands are fantastic for a creative-prone player like myself. No longer do I have to sit around waiting for Bukkit and WorldEdit to get up to date so I can build and modify large areas.

Having used these commands extensively (along with copious amounts of scratch paper for writing down coordinates) I'm wondering: is there a way I can to simplify setting the start/end coordinates for these commands? Like WorldEdit's //wand.


To my knowledge there are no mods like this at all, and if there were any they would not be up to date with the 1.8 prereleases/snapshots. However there are a couple of tips to making easier use of the commands:

  1. Hitting Tab will automatically fill out the coordinates of the block you are looking at.

    enter image description here

    This is a much faster way of filling out coordinates than typing it in manually from the F3 screen. Hitting Space then Tab three times will correctly enter the X, Y and Z of the block your cross-hair is over.

  2. Enter can be used to submit and "save" a half-completed command, then press Up while in chat to bring it back up and complete it.

    enter image description here

    As the command does not have the correct syntax, you will get an error message when pressing Enter and nothing will happen, but you can still use Up to get the command that you entered back.

    Using this in combination with the previous trick allows you to move and easily enter both sets of coordinates into the command, without writing or even copy pasting anything.

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