With the change to -20% damage with 2h+shield to crusaders, I know they upped the amount of damage 2h do so there should theoretically be slightly more damage than before, but it just feels wrong to me.

Is the 2h+shield build still the way to go? Is 1h+shield viable now? Is dual wielding a good option now? What is the general consensus?

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    Crusaders can't dual wield, so that option is definitely out.
    – Adeese
    Commented Aug 31, 2014 at 11:47
  • A lot of it just comes down to what equipment you find. In general, I imagine (but can't confirm) that 2H+shield will be better simply because 2H in general have higher damage.
    – MBraedley
    Commented Aug 31, 2014 at 13:36
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    The new 2H damage can be as high as 4200. Considering that each 10% removes roughly 200 listed damage from a weapon, that still means the 2H is essentially capped at 3800. This is far higher than what 1H damage can reach, which is basically 2800.
    – Travis J
    Commented Aug 31, 2014 at 19:47

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In short, yes, 2H+Shield is still viable, and is in fact better now.

As Adesse pointed out, crusaders cannot dual wield, so you are stuck with a weapon+shield set. That being said, it is true that now using a 2H weapon with a shield causes a -20% penalty, but even before the patch the damage of a 2H weapon would have compensated for the penalty, meaning that 2H+Shield would have still been a (slight) improvement.

Now, with a buff to 2H weapons across the board, the net result is that 2H+Shield crusaders do slightly more damage than before the patch.

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