I am kind of struggling with defeating red helmets in unepic. Although I managed to get 5 of them down one by one for the quest to get frost magic I am having a hard time solving the quest where I should rescue some frost/water monster which is located in a room with like 10 of these nasty little creatures. So any tricks or a bullet proof strategies out there?

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There seems to be a way to kill them much faster than with arrows.

SPOILERS BELOW, move MOUSE over to show:

spoiler 1/4:

They are elemental.

spoiler 2/4:

They are related to the fire element (you noticed that they throw fireballs).

spoiler 3/4:

Their weakness is in the opposite element.

spoiler 4/4:

Their weakness is to ice. With wand of ice, I kill them in 2 hits.


I think there are three crucial parts of getting them down:

  1. Aim
    • The first task is to get the aim on one of the helmets without getting shot.
    • Sometimes one might simply get into aiming distance without activating the helmets.
    • Often on has to run forward, aim and immediately run back.
  2. Shoot:
    • Once your little hero aims at the helmets you can shoot them by running into shooting distance, shooting, running back.
    • This is very much about timing but should work pretty well.
  3. Weak points
    • All helmets belong to a certain category that defines their resistance as well as their weaknesses.
    • While it makes no sense to attack fire with fire. Ice bolts should bring down fire helmets down pretty fast.
    • Those pets following you might help their as well.

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