I'd like to be able to change the mode from "Arcade" to "Console" (that enables things like training mode on certain fighting games, etc.).

Is there a way to do this on MAME OS X? There's no option in the preferences window, and if you enter the settings of the emulator (F2) you can change some of the settings of the game but not enable console mode.

I've also read that it has to do with the BIOS it's running. I donwloaded a neogeo.zip (without it games don't even run)... but I don't know how to force MAME OS X to run a particular bios either (I've read that unibios makes the trick but I'm clueless about how to make it work).


  • For which games in particular? Most games emulated by MAME don't have any such option.
    – user86277
    Oct 27 '14 at 18:23
  • I'm sure the games I'm trying to play support console mode. I know it because using plain MAME (emulated with wine) or NeoGeoRage, you can enable it.
    – Cristian
    Oct 28 '14 at 5:06

First, I suppose you talk of neogeo games...

Specify the bios in the command line with -bios.

uni-bios has the aes/console switch

Ex: mame garoup -bios uni-bios_2_3


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