I installed Steam on my laptop but it keeps saying that I need to connect to the internet. I've checked a bunch of sites but they all mention that you have to delete files, folders, etc. after updates. This problem happened after I first installed Steam so it doesn't have the steamapps folder or clientregistry.blob. I don't know if the solution is the same, since none of the required items aren't even there.

I have allowed my firewall to let Steam through, nothing. I've also turned off my firewall and nothing as well...

  • Check if your firewall is blocking it. This can happen fairly often, especially with first time installs
    – Ben
    Sep 3, 2014 at 2:05
  • So far nothing has worked. I'm thinking virus now. Anyone know a good scanner I could use?
    – Hoju
    Sep 17, 2014 at 10:22

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The required open ports for Steam are:

Steam Client

  • UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive (Game client traffic)
  • UDP 27015 to 27030 inclusive (Typically Matchmaking and HLTV)
  • TCP 27014 to 27050 inclusive (Steam downloads)
  • UDP 27031 and 27036 (incoming, for In-Home Streaming)
  • TCP 27036 and 27037 (incoming, for In-Home Streaming)
  • UDP 4380

Steamworks P2P Networking and Steam Voice Chat

  • UDP 3478 (Outbound)
  • UDP 4379 (Outbound)
  • UDP 4380 (Outbound)

You need to open those ports in your router to be port forwarded to your computer. Please see http://portforward.com/ if you have trouble doing this, as it explains it for many router models.

See also this question for more advice.

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