I want to know which item slots do not have the potential to receive Warforged or Heroic Warforged Gear.

I know that the 2 slots I listed under 'Cosmetic' Slots cannot contain them, but what about the others?

I have only seen Warforged versions of all the Main Slots, as well as Wrists and Neck Slots.

Below are the Item Slots:

Main Slots (Could be set pieces):

  • Head Slot (Helm)
  • Shoulder Slot (Spaulders)
  • Chest Slot
  • Hands Slot (Gloves)
  • Legs Slot

Sub Slots:

  • Back Slot (Cloak)
  • Wrists Slot
  • Waist Slot (Belt)
  • Feet Slot (Boots)

Jewelery Slots:

  • Neck Slot
  • Ring1 Slot
  • Ring2 Slot
  • Trinket1 Slot
  • Trinket2 Slot

Weapon Slots:

  • Main Hand (Also for Two-Handed)
  • Off-Hand

Cosmetic (Barely Functional) Slots:

  • Shirt Slot
  • Tabard Slot

Warforged Items are available for every slot except for the cosmetic ones (Tabard and shirt).

However Tier Sets as well as the Legendary cloak cannot be warforged. If you take a look at the most equipped players on WoWprogress you will see that there is a Warforged version of almost every item.

The Warforged status is not limited by slots but rather by Items.

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