I've been playing field F6 on Haunting difficulty over and over in the hope of killing an apparition to get the Ghost Spotter achievement, but I've not had any luck. In fact when I get any kind of special creature, it's been invariably a shadow.

Is there any way to improve the chance of getting an apparition on a field?

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Maximize difficulty, but disable battle trait Chasing Shadows. I just stuck with same problem, and this solution helped instantly.

I have theory about this. I think game decides to spawn special entity at some point in time, and only then decides which entity it will be. When playing with Chasing Shadows set, game will spawn only Shadow's until promised amount reached. This might explain remark in description: '(might appear during endurance)', i.e. game uses normal schedule for added Shadow's.

Update. Worked for both F6 and F2, both times appartitions appeared near last waves. Maximal difficulty, but Chasing Shadows disabled.


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