When I started playing HayDay, my Chickens wore snorkels, Pigs wore sunglasses, etc.

I found an image showing the snorkel on the chicken below:

Chicken with Snorkel

It has been removed/altered, and I no longer have any of these modifications on any of my animals (Cows, Chickens, Pigs or Sheep).

Why was it there and how can I get it back?

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According to the Hay Day wikia it was to celebrate their birthday:

On July 10, 2013 (and the following year), to celebrate Hay Day's birthday, all animals were updated with new summer clothes and appearances. For the chicken, it's updated appearance includes a blue snorkel mask. On Oct 16, 2013, the chickens had carved, smiling pumpkins attached to their bodies for Halloween.

It is also in the update logs(v1.11.47):

  • Summer Theme: Your farm animals love the summer! How do you like their fun and exciting new looks? All your favorite farm animals in sun glasses, snorkels and Hawaiian shirts!

In the next update, it was removed:

End of summer:

  • Reverted the summer clothing from the farm animals
  • Removed the exclusive summer decorations from the shop
  • Reverted the happy birthday loading screen back to normal

So you will not be able to bring it back, as it was a game update.

  • I was wrong. It wasn't only on the tenth of july, it was a whole update. The next update removed it. Therefor, you cannot bring it back like that.
    – Mathias711
    Sep 15, 2014 at 17:43

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