As most games does, i'm sure that BF 4 has a render distance, where, past a certain point, the game does not render anything but a "generic background" (a.k.a a mountain, sky, etc...), but that does not mean that past that point there is not a legitmate interactable object (a.k.a a player, a structure, a tank, etc...).

My question here is: If i take my long ranged weapon (sniper or tank) and shoot it, can i hit a target dispite its distance? which could translate to "hey player, dispite not showing you, there was a head where your bullet landed, so, good shot!"... or the alternative is true? "hey player, your shot was supposed to hit a head, but you took it from too far away, and after X km, I stop calculating collisions for that bullet, despite the fact that physics calculations predict that it carries enough energy to kill..."

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In Battlefield, interaction range is determined by the muzzle velocity of each particular weapon, not by render distance. Projectiles travel for 5 seconds before "disappearing" so a higher muzzle velocity results in a higher interaction range.

For example, the CS-LR4 has a muzzle velocity of 500 m/s whereas the CS5 only has a muzzle velocity of 400 m/s -- so the CS-LR4 has a maximum distance of 2500 m whereas the CS5 is limited to a maximum distance of 2000 m. The interaction range therefore differs from weapon to weapon. symthic.com has all the maximum distances.

  • Ah, I never caught on that it was related to muzzle velocity - I thought it was just a hard coded value for each gun. And thanks for digging up the link for me =). I'll delete my answer. Sep 15, 2014 at 18:16
  • In a way, it is a hard coded value for each weapon -- there's just one level of indirection with the 5 second projectile "lifetime".
    – Null
    Sep 15, 2014 at 18:23

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