If multiple party members have a Gem of Efficacious Toxin at rank 25+, will the "All enemies you poison take 10% increased damage from all sources" debuff stack? So when multiple people apply the DOT, do you see 10% damage increase or more?

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My research indicates that you will see only a 10% damage increase.

According to Wikia, a mob can only have one of this gem's '10% increased damage taken' debuffs at a time, irrespective of how many players are applying it:

At rank 25, it also increases damage the poisoned target takes from all sources (including other players), making this gem useful to classes focusing on elements other than Poison. If [t]his debuff is applied by more than one player, it will not stack.

This would appear to be backed up by a discussion on the US Battle.net forums:

are you referring to if all four in party uses the gem and have it at least 25%? then no, the 10% doesn't stack. mobs won't take 40%~ additional damage.


This video shows it stacking. Mannercookie said he tested as well to confirm here. I've not seen any proof to refute this, just people saying the opposite in forums.

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