I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller with its USB charger. Can I use it as a wired controller to play on my PC without buying the wireless receiver for Windows?

And if so, where can I find the drivers for Windows 7 64-bit (if available)?

  • Hmm. I was going to say no, but the fact that it's an XBox controller complicates it. Microsoft might have left in the USB controller for all I know, rather than making it charge-only. – Matthew Read Mar 17 '11 at 17:26
  • possible duplicate of Using a wireless XBox 360 controller on a PC – kotekzot Oct 18 '13 at 7:36

There is no way. Microsoft made it so the Play and Charge Kit only receives power. I believe there is some other data that is sent to the controller as well that someone decoded but there is no data sent to the computer from the controller. I will try to dig up a link.

On the other hand, you could just buy a wired controller, those are about as expensive as the wireless receiver, work on both PC and Xbox/Xbox360, and you'd have an extra controller for a friend.

  • Thank you... thats a good tip regarding buying a wired controller! – Steven Striga Mar 17 '11 at 18:29
  • I use a wired controller for this use, and I know others that do too. Occasionally they go on sale on Woot or other places, so it is possible to bargain shop. – EBongo Nov 2 '12 at 11:52
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    Although buying a USB wired controller (USD $25 - $35) may be cost effective, I should point out that buying one USB wireless receiver (~$20 USD) supports connecting up to 4 xbox wireless controllers. So if you already have the wireless controllers this would be the better option. – Michael Butler Nov 7 '12 at 20:55

It is possible, if you have an old junked xbox, you can rig it up with the 360 RF receiver and an old USB cable that you don't mind cutting up. after that a small change to the INF file for the drivers your all set using your wireless 360 controller on your pc. Also on a side note, when I first attempted this I didn't compensate for voltage and ended up seriously damaging the usb controller, so don't attempt unless you know a bit about it. Not going to post a how to tutorial here but, you can find near anything on the net. =]

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