While playing destiny I sometimes see

Surge 0:05

and it counts down (there are some other messages too).

What does it mean?

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Surge is a Voidwalker's second-tier melee skill.

It increases "weapon and movement speed," according to the tooltip. While I can confirm that it is a pretty significant movement speed increase, I haven't noticed any significant change to my weapons while under its effect.


"Surge" is for a skill with the Warlock class as I have seen it on my friend's Warlock character. The details read: "Damaging an enemy with Energy Drain increases weapon and movement speed"

I have seen a similar countdown for "Chain of Woe" with my Hunter character.


Surge buffs you movement speed and reload speed. Surge can only be used by voidwalkers. It's the second upgrade for Energy Drain

I hope this helped.

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