I've repaired a bunch of toasters, but keep finding seemingly worthless items like Toast (duh!), Preparation G, Spray Paint, etc..

Are these items for anything specific? If so, what items can I find in toasters, and what do I do with each of them?


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This is the best list I've found for this so far, I'd imagine something better will get done eventually:


It's a general list of "white" items you can find and known uses.

The ones related to toaster items (so far) are as follows:

7" Single - Ag Center Toaster
Werewolf - Damonta

761 Metro Bus Schedule - Baldwin Hills toaster
Maggie - Griffith

Babi Ruth - Angel Oracle Toaster
Biggun - Rodia
Brute Force skillbook

Baby Wipes - Angel Oracle sewer toaster
Portapotty guy - New Citadel (Seal Beach)
500 scrap

Blood Staff - Ag Center Toaster [may have been removed]
Corporal Flitnlock Eggleston - Ranger Citadel
Real Blood Staff - Speech check

Contact Lenses - Highpool House Toaster
Doctor Baum - Temple of Titan
First Aid skill book

Dessicated Juniper Berries -Prison Toaster
Ben - Distillery
Special Squeezins x3

Depleted Uranium - Temple of Titan Toaster
Mercaptain - Ranger Citadel
Req and Inventory item

Dog Whistle - Long Beach toaster
(?) - Los Alamitos
Hard Boiled Egg x50

Doggie Bones - Damonta Toaster
Hyaon Drhku - Prison (RSM friendly required)
Animal Whisperer Skill book

Faded Photograph - Rick's RV Toaster
Deputy Mona Shera - Angel Oracle
Energy weapon

Flame Deluge Canticle - Destroyed Titan Valley toaster
Isaac Leibowitz - Leve LUpe Mine
Mechanical Repair skillbook

Galileo's Telescope - Griffith (Gauntlet) toaster
Alex Dupre - Salt Lake Park
Unique SMG

Gloves - Playa Del Ray toaster
Ethan White - Angel Oracle
Milk x3

House of Pies Menu - Los Feliz toaster
Johnny Maloney (gravedigger) - Hollywood
Diamond encrusted shovel

Leg Lamp - Highpool Underground Toaster
Corporal Flitnlock Eggleston - Ranger Citadel
Red Ryder BB Gun / 200 BBs

Medal of Honor - RNC Graveyard Toaster
Atchison camp vendor comments about it (gives clue about safe in Darwin)

Pocket Knife - Titan Valley toaster
Rambeau - Hollywood gun shop
Unique bladed weapon

Preparation G - Prison Toaster
Sadler - Canyon of Titan (DBM HQ) (Speech check)
Charged Round Sniper Rifle

Spray Paint - Radio Tower Cave Toaster
Ranger Brass Knucks - Ranger Citadel
Brawling Skill book

Toast - Ranger Citadel Toaster

VHS Tape - Los Alamitos toaster
Old Man - Long Beach
Weaponsmithing skill book

  • The ag toaster is still there. It’s in the basement in the room you have to clear all the vines from before the east field ladder.
    – AceMcCloud
    Aug 17, 2020 at 2:02

They are used to give to certain people you find in the wastes. For example the spray can can be given to the guy near the entrance of the Ranger Citadel who is near a wall (he's not far from the 3 guy sitting of the floor).

I have also given some of them to the museum guy inside the Ranger Citadel too.

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