How can I replenish medkits in Rimworld?
I spend 2-3 of them after each fight, so now I have only 5 left.


Now as of Alpha 8, a new Herbal Medicine item can be created from Healroot (a growable plant).

Herbal medicine is 85% effective, while standard medkits are 100% effective.

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    It is worth noting that herbal medicine apparently needs to be refrigerated, or colonists will not use it to assist their wounded colleagues (or perform operations.) I found this out the hard way :( Also, it can't be used as an ingredient for the Hospital Bed. – psyk0 Mar 27 '15 at 21:20
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    The plant has been renamed to Healroot. – hughes Jul 24 '16 at 1:22

You can purchase them from traders who fly over. When you get a notification that a trader is passing by, direct one of your colonists to a comms console and call the trader. From there, it will list what they have for sale and what you can sell to them. You'll need a orbital trade becaon so that the trader has somewhere to drop the goods.

You can read more about Trading on the Rimworld wiki: http://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Trade

  • This is so expensive. – Nakilon Sep 28 '14 at 18:55
  • Yes, but it's the only way to get more of them, as far as I'm aware. – Richard Williams Sep 28 '14 at 18:56

In the base (un-modded) game, Medkits are obtained via trade. You may wish to try the mod Simple Medicine Craft, that lets you create Medkits from cloth and berries.


As of 1.0: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Medicine

Medicine can either be purchased from traders, looted from raiders, or crafted at a drug lab using 3 cloth , herbal medicine and neutroamine (skill requirement: medicine 6+ and crafting 3+, the pawn must also be capable of intellectual work).

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    Wow, I didn't even remember I asked this 4 years ago. Recently I tried this game again, and it seems like herbal medicine is enough to heal anything if you have a decent medic. – Nakilon Dec 11 '18 at 19:50

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