Every now and then an "A rare astronomical event occured in the sky" happens. When I click Observe I get a starchart.

One of the things I can use them for is trade ships.

Is that(astronomical event) the only way to obtain starcharts?

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According to the wiki: yes.

starchart - found by observing rare astronomical events after researching Astronomy tech

According to the code (of this version ( yes. There is no other mention of starcharts, only in the workshop (as required researching resource) and the astronomical events. Note that the observatories can auto-observe these events, and therefor you can end up with a lot of charts if you let the game running overnight.

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    As of couple of weeks ago, you can also get starcharts by launching satellites into the orbit (you obviously need to reach the space era first). Each satellite produces 0.005 starcharts / second and increase Observatory effectiveness by 5%. Nov 26, 2014 at 14:16

New information (sourced fromwiki page)

Starcharts are produced by:

Get more by building Observatories, Research Vessels, Space Beacons, launching satellites or from kitten Scholars with the Astrophysicists upgrade.

  • Observatories simultaneously boost the chance of events and give a small chance to automatically observe them
  • Research Vessels have a 0.05/sec production of star charts. Does not appear to be upgradeable
  • Space Beacons have 0.125/sec production of star charts. Also does not appear to be upgradeable
  • Satellites have a .005/sec production of star charts. Can be upgraded by 30% with Hubble Space Telescope
  • Scholar kittens can get the Astrophysicist upgrade for .0005/sec production


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