I've recently purchased a Collector's Professional Killstreak Rainblower but I am unable to see the effect due to Pyrovision being active.

Is there any way to disable Pyrovsion effects but still see the eye effect?

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This Steam forum thread could help you out a bit. Basically, what you're doing is creating a replacement for the mtp.cfg file found within the vtf files. I do believe since it's a few years old you might need to do a couple things differently. You don't need to use GCFScape at all, for one, and you just want to look at the following:

Put mtp.cfg file here:
(NOT in gcfscape, but in your steamapps folder.)

Steamapps/"USERNAME"/Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg

I can't test this right now, but I believe what you want to do instead is go inside the /tf/custom folder and create a folder named whatever you want, "Pyrovision Fix", maybe. Inside that, create a folder named "cfg" and put the mtp.cfg file there, rather than directly in /tf/cfg.

To disable pyrovision in all maps, I'm thinking that you'd just want to leave the mtp.cfg practically blank, like:


Nope. There unfortunately, is no way to do so.


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