I've recently purchased a Collector's Professional Killstreak Rainblower but I am unable to see the effect due to Pyrovision being active.

Is there any way to disable Pyrovsion effects but still see the eye effect?


This Steam forum thread could help you out a bit. Basically, what you're doing is creating a replacement for the mtp.cfg file found within the vtf files. I do believe since it's a few years old you might need to do a couple things differently. You don't need to use GCFScape at all, for one, and you just want to look at the following:

Put mtp.cfg file here:
(NOT in gcfscape, but in your steamapps folder.)

Steamapps/"USERNAME"/Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg

I can't test this right now, but I believe what you want to do instead is go inside the /tf/custom folder and create a folder named whatever you want, "Pyrovision Fix", maybe. Inside that, create a folder named "cfg" and put the mtp.cfg file there, rather than directly in /tf/cfg.

To disable pyrovision in all maps, I'm thinking that you'd just want to leave the mtp.cfg practically blank, like:

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Nope. There unfortunately, is no way to do so.

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