I've heard that there are some commands far from the ones shown in /help list.

Which are they?

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  • /help or /? lists most commands
  • /all sends a message to all chat
  • /whisper or /w or /msg sends a private message to a friend
  • /r replies to last PM
  • /mute mute the specified player*
  • /ignore add a player to your pvp.net ignore list*
  • /surrender or /ff vote to surrender
  • /nosurrender of /noff vote against surrendering
  • /pause or /p pause a tournament match
  • /unpause or /resume resume a paused game
  • /joke or /j your champ tells a joke
  • /taunt or /t your champ taunts
  • /dance or /d your champ dances
  • /laugh or /l your champ laughs
  • /note or /n writes a note to MyNotes.txt, which can be found in RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\<current release>

* you can use @-prefix to use champion name, /mute @Heimerdinger for example.

The ones missing from /help that are on this list are /mute, /ignore, /pause and /unpause (and their aliases).

I cross checked a few lists and my memory and then tested them in-game. It's probably still missing some forgotten or hard-to-find commands.

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    /n works for /note as well
    – Ben Craig
    Oct 1, 2014 at 0:13

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