My party entered the temple of Titan, got shot at by some monks, shot them dead, and defused some alarms. The first interesting thing we found was a guy who makes a "muffled shouting" noise. Presumably he is in a straitjacket.

I tried "converse" and I couldn't interact.

Recalling that sometimes "Surgery" was necessary to free people trapped by vines, I tried surgery and couldn't do it. I tried lockpick and it said "not a valid target."

I don't have any party members with "brute force" skill, or I would try that.

Possibly there is no way to interact with this character at this time. (I wonder why the game didn't give some clues as to why I can't interact.) Should I continue trying to interact, should I explore the rest of the temple first, or should I just leave the temple, wander away, and forget about it?

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Just click on the intercom built into the wall, when he's still contained. I have no idea what happens if you break into his cell, maybe that still works.

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