When I use the Update option on the Shovel Knight main menu, the progress bar advances three times, then returns the following error:

Error Code: 005-6710

An error has occurred.
Please try again later.

For help, visit support.nintendo.com.

My Internet connection is working properly and my 3DS is correctly configured for WiFi internet access. I don't have any blocked ports on my end. Nintendo support says this:

An error occurred while attempting to connect to the Nintendo eShop.

However, the eShop doesn't seem to be down. A Google search turns up nothing regarding this error. Besides, if the game is already up-to-date, it shouldn't be returning a weird error message when trying to update. Any ideas?


according to the publishers website, 1.1 is the current 3DS version: http://yachtclubgames.com/update-notes/

I get the same thing trying to update on my system - and I have 1.1... I assume this is just a "no update available" situation that was not handled very well.

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