Hello My aunty lives in Austraila and she wants to buy me the Sims 4. Now I live in south Africa and she is not sure if it will work! Thank you!

  • Work in what way? Can you install Origin?
    – Frank
    Oct 5, 2014 at 13:56

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If your aunt will buy you the game, she will either get:

  • The boxed retail version, from a shop for example. These boxes contain the CD, but also a keycode. This keycode can be then reedemed on the Origin Store using your account.
  • Buy the keycode from an online site like gamersgate or greenmangaming
  • Buy the game while using your Origin account from the Origin Store. That will link the game to your account permanently.

All of the options above require you to have a valid and new game keycode or to be logged in with your account, so yes you should be able to play it fine.

I bought the game at a reduced price from the official Mexican Origin store from a PC in Europe. It works perfectly and once registered to my origin account, I was able to install it from Origin (in english even).

Keep in mind: if you buy a game from a country that had the game censored in any way (such as Half-Life or Fallout: New Vegas in Germany) you'll get the censored version even if you will play it in some other country with no censored restrictions.


EA's Terms and Conditions don't say anything about the game being restricted by region, and, according to an entry on EA's help forum, you should be able to play it without a problem.

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