Is it possible to drop the gun, and maybe move it to the trash? I have plenty of unecessary weapons. I want to get rid of them.

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    I find they trade well, and I think there's a late-game construction that will let you melt them down for metal, though I could be wrong. Oct 15, 2014 at 22:31

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The most effective way to remove unwanted weapons is to trade them away. Set a stockpile to store only weapons and build a trade beacon nearby. You will also need the capacity to trade to be set up. When you get a notification that a trader is passing by, send a colonist to interact with the communication device to initiate trade. You can then sell the weapons for silver or for other useful items.


To actually drop a wielded gun you select your character, go to gear tab and you will have info and drop actions in the context menu of the gun. (Alpha 8d)


If they are not worth trading (poor quality) you can smelt them.


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